Example of racial diversity: Grey’s Anatomy

Example of sexual diversity: Grey’s Anatomy

The show is an example of racial diversity through the main actors. Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, is an African American woman in a position of power over others in the show. Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres, is a bisexual Mexican-American woman who has consistently been shown in biracial relationships. James Pickens Jr., an African-American man, plays Dr. Richard Webber, who was also depicted in a position of authority. At the last of regulars, Sandra Oh, a Korean-Canadian woman, plays Dr. Cristina Yang, who also has consistently been shown in biracial relationships.

Grey’s Anatomy also shows sexual diversity in its characters. Jessica Capshaw plays as Dr. Arizona Robbins, a lesbian, who is in a long-term committed relationship with Ramirez’s Torres.

Considering that this show is in it’s tenth season, I’m sure that I’ve missed examples of diversity. I have also been warned that this show includes a lot things that would be categorized as problematic, but I didn’t get any more information than that. If you have something else you think should be added, please comment on it!

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